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Welcome to K.D. Sheepstuds.
Through composite sheep breeding we are able to offer breeds that will maximize profitability and easy care . I am totally transparent about what sheep breeds have been used to achieve the production traits that I set out for each sheep type. Please browse the information here and feel free to contact me 0412 070 971 for a discussion on your sheep enterprise be it commercial or hobby type.


The rams that I produce are raised naturally outdoors on pastures .There is no (or minimal ) supplementary feeding. We are lambing from April through to December depending on breed and I record the lambs sire , birth dates ,birth types , weaning and yearling weights and wool test results for the Dohnes. Currently we are supplying this information with rams offered for sale. The relevance and accuracy of calculated data (ASBV’s ) is questionable due to the composite breeds used and sire linkages.

K.D. Sheepstuds is Ovine Brucellosis  free #1141 and OJD ,MN2 status.
17 years of stud breeding 17 years of easy lambing


2017 RAM SALES (see sale list)
60 + RAMS available  from $800 + gst
Some hobby farmer rams from $550 + gst

Rams are unshorn, feet untrimmed and grass / paddock grown.
Rams will consist of 50%,75% Aussie White bloodlines and K.D. Shedding Composites bloodlines.Stock agent introduction welcome.

                                                                               Sale rams 2017   
Beltana Station has been using K.D. Shedding Composite Rams for the past few years and we find they adapt well to our country in the Flinders Ranges and suit our ewe type.We find the rams to be of good nature ,large framed which is what we chase,good shedders with good feet and shoulders..................Laura & Graham

                                                            16 CHAROLLAIS X WOOLED COMPOSITE RAMS
                                                               $800 + GST (see sale list )

The ultimate choice for use over maiden ewes or ewe lambs.Lambs are born under 4kg and muscle up and grow fast.

14 DOHNE RAMS  $800 + GST (see sale list)
PH KYM 0412 070 971



 Dohnes  |  Charollais/Wooled Composites  |  Australian Whites  |  KD Shedding Composites  |  Red Meatmaster 



The Dohne breed led the Australian Merino industry into dual purpose sheep production from 1998.

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Charollais/Wooled Composites

In the years around 2000 we began breeding Coolalee sheep. Since 2013 we have infused the Charollais sheep breed.This composition is hitting all of the attributes that we have have set down for a terminal / maternal breed. This breed is fibre safe and presents no risk of contamination to Merino type wools.The videos were taken on 3rd July 2017.Rams now average 90 kg 5/9/17 on paddock feed only.

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Australian Whites

The Australian White (AW) breed was developed in Australia and has a fast growing following by commercial and hobby farmers that are seeking a shedding breed that can be used in dry and wet climates.They have a sound constitution and full blood stock are a black hooved sheep. 

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KD Shedding Composites

In 2011 after becoming frustrated trying to source sound new White Dorper genetics the choice was made to begin developing this composite shedding bloodline using White Dorper, White Meatmaster and the more shedding type sheep from the Coolalee breed.

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Red Meatmaster

The Red Meatmaster has been in our "meat only "sheep system since 2010 now and has proven what they were designed for. Although a slightly taller breed than the White Dorper / Aussie White.

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about this years drop of rams .............AUSTRALIAN WHITE X SHEDDING COMPOSITE
About the sale rams...................There is  about 70% black hooved rams and I am confident to offer the rams without their feet trimmed.From the ram grading in June 2017 there was only 6 from 150 rams culled for incorrect feet.The rams are not shorn since birth.
I am supplying birth dates ,weaning dates and weights,birth type(single/twin) and live weights.
The mature weight/size of the Australian White Composite rams is moderate but the focus is on the growth rates of their progeny up until they are ready for sale.
Please phone me on 0412070971 for any enquiries


NEWS.............. K.D. Sheepstuds purchased the 2  Australian White sires (above)at Tattykeel AW sale in early October 2016


The Charollais breed was introduced in 2015 and used over K.D. Wooled Composite Ewes and this year we have 40-60 of the resulting progeny available.
These rams have shown excellent growth and muscling. They are non shedding (fibre safe )so they will produce lambs that carry a full pelt. There has been no lambing issues with this genetic line for 3 years and the ewe base of 17 years .
  WEANING STATS @ 3 rd Sept 2016
I have just weaned a drop of the same genetics as the rams above .
54 lambs from 32 ewes ,168% -oldest lambs 103 days,youngest 78 days
Single lambs ave 464g/day ( top 566 g/day)
Twin lambs ave 420g/day   (top 535 g/day)

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