KD Reds/Blacks

About the Breed

In February 2010 we bought 2 Red Meatmaster rams and 10 ewes from Genelink at Parilla SA.

They were created from White Dorper and Damara crosses predominately.

We selected fawn coloured rams, not the deep reds initially, but we get a range of colours in the progeny from red, fawn, black and all mixes of those colours. The hooves are black generally and maintenance free.

The coloured sheep have been run alongside the KD Whites and Australian Whites since 2013 and there is no difference in their productivity. The only difference is that they are coloured .

We have exported ewes and rams to China and UAE in previous years.

What about the Colour?

For those sheep breeders that have gone down the shedding sheep path, you will be easier to convince that if you have medulated fibre and no/minimal skin value on lambs THEN why would a coloured skin matter.

Why use KD Reds

  • Avoid disappointing wool prices!
    -non shearing/crutching
  • Good feet structure
  • Naturally well muscled
  • High yielding carcasses
  • Minimal external parasites
  • Early maturing
  • Early weaning
  • Drought tolerant
  • Ewes lamb at 12 months old
  • Easy lambing
  • Maternal/terminal breed
  • 3 lambings in 2 years
  • Ewes mate while lactating
KD Red Meatmasters