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KD Australian Whites & KD Whites

The 2 K D White rams and ewes we have bought have been spot on and very attentive to the ewes, I cant really fault them. Kym is exceptionally easy to deal with…


The KD shedding rams we have purchased over the past 4 years have been exceptional.
Rams were unshorn and fully shed when we purchased and are still the same in 12 month’s time…

Jamie & Julie
Kangaroo Island

The lambs from the KD White rams are shit hot!

We have lots of nice lambs with black hooves.

The lambs are born with a thick hair coat, great for winter survival at birth.

Kym: "So your happy with the rams?"
Client:"Well I want more so yes."

The rams I purchased last year fully shed within weeks, very happy with them and their progeny.

Comments from clients about

KD Charollais Composites

We are returning clients to KD Sheepstuds, each time the rams are top quality, hard workers that have been an asset to us and our ewes. With low birth weights and fast growing lambs, lambing time has been a breeze, I haven’t had to pull one lamb from maidens since changing rams 2 years ago. The lambs are quick finishing on irrigated Lucerne and Chicory with high yielding carcasses. Kym and family are always welcoming and accommodating , just a pleasure to deal with…

Brad & Cassandra Rockett
Farm Managers

KD Charollais composites are the best rams we’ve used over ewe lambs, no trouble with singles getting too big, they slip out easily and grow fast, up to 500g/day for single lambs born to ewe lambs and thick set high yielding carcasses too…

Michael C

We have been very happy with KD Charollais x rams that we have put over our ewe lambs in the past few years.
We are getting plenty of live lambs with very few lambing problems...

Ian G
Kangaroo Island

The data that Kym supplies is sufficient to select rams from without masses of data that confuses the selection process. Kym is focusing on what matters most – live lambs and growth rates.

Ali & Gav