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  Welcome to K.D. Sheepstuds

Through composite sheep breeding we are able to offer breeds that will maximize profitability and easy care . Our focus is on sheep “types” not what a breed is called . We breed 2 sheep types, a meat type , and a wool/hair shedding type.
See if theres a sheep type to suit your environment, labour availability, lifestyle and farming system.
Feel free to call me for a chat on 0412 070 971.


Rams are available for private selection, call Kym 0412070971
Charollais Composite rams $1100 + gst (catalogue & videos here)
Videos taken 20th Sept, rams are on avearge 15 kg heavier as at 20th Oct
Australian White, KD White & KD Red rams for sale (list and videos here)
K D SHEEPSTUDS  MAIN RAM  SALE  was held on Thursday 30th September 2021
50 Australian White & KD White & Red Rams  videos on Auctions+
47 of 47rams sold to $3600 average $2500
50 of 76  Charollais Composite Rams sold to $2400 ave $1530 
EWES - Charollais Composite, Australian White, KD White & KD Red meatmaster
64 of 84 ewes sold to $800 ave $530
Steve Doecke , Elders 0427 817 323
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KD Sheepstuds are  Brucellosis accredited free #1141
OJD - KD Sheepstuds have been testing their flock annually for Ovine Johnes Disease as part of the MAP programme and not using Gudair vaccinations due to worker safety reasons and some countries we have exported sheep to require unvaccinated sheep.
It seems that the programme has "lost its way" and having negative tests on your flock has become insignificant within the sheep industry. 
It is likely that this years drop of lambs (sale sheep for 2022) will be Gudair vaccinated and any of this years sale sheep can be Gudair vaccinated if the purchaser needs it done as part of their on farm management. 


    Charollais & Composites  |  Australian WhitesKD Whites  |  KD Reds / Meatmaster 


    Charollais & Composites

Sheep type - A terminal or maternal breed  with high fertility (not litters)  that carry a downs type fleece (non shedding) and exceptional for easy lambing traits .High yielding carcasses that are heavily muscled , used over all types of sheep for prime lamb production

In the years around 2000 we began breeding Coolalee sheep. Since 2015 we have infused the Charollais sheep breed.This composition is hitting all of the attributes that we have have set down for a terminal / maternal breed. This breed is fibre safe and presents no risk of contamination to Merino type wools.
I have spoken to clients who purchased rams in 2020 and they are very happy with how the Charollais has performed in regard to easy lambing and lamb growth.

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            Australian Whites

Sheep type - A shedding hair breed developed in Australia , non seasonal breeders and early maturing . Ewes will mate while lactating and young ewes will mate and lamb by 12 months of age .We do not shear our Australian White rams prior to sale or at anytime.
Blog -I have been breeding shedding sheep since 1999 and using the AW since 2013.They have had a big impact in my sheep breeding in regard to foot structre / black hooves to the point where I am not trimming any feet on rams.My numbers of full blood AW are increasing slowly and I could have bought in more full blood ewes at big money to increase numbers more quickly but no stud sells their best ewes in early days of a new breed development and I already had a composite shedding ewe base that I had been establishing since 2011.That ewe base I knew were very good and I am enjoying the journey while increasing the AW % in my flock and I am extending my gene pool  for longer with this process .Along the way I have been able to compare the fullbloods with my composites and I am very happy with where I am at with the K D Whites. My only concern with AW stud breeders is the lack of performance data supplied at sales (even a weaning weight would be good) and the shearing of shedding sheep pre sale.

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                   KD Whites

In 2013 after 12 years of using White Dorper genetics the choice was made to begin developing this composite shedding bloodline from a ewe base consisting of  White Dorper, White Meatmaster and the more shedding type sheep from the Coolalee breed. In 2013 the Australian White was introduced into the mix and the composites are ticking all the boxes for a shedding breed. We do not shear our KD Whites rams prior to sale or at anytime.

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K D Reds / Meatmaster

Sheep type - A shedding breed ,black hooved  and various colours , prolific non seasonal breeders.The Red Meatmaster has been in our "meat only "sheep system since 2010 now and has proven what they were designed for.There is no diffence in the characteristics of the Reds and Whites apart from the colour BL Matter!  Read More

Comments from clients about KD Aussie White & KD White

"The lambs from the KD rams are shit hot"
"We have lots of nice lambs with black hooves"
"The lambs are born with a thick hair coat, great for winter survival at birth"
Me to client...."So your happy with the rams?" Client..."Well I want more so yes"
"The rams I purchased last year fully shed within weeks, very happy with them and their progeny"

Ram production at K D Sheepstuds
The rams that we produce are raised naturally outdoors on pasture with minimal supplementry feeding.We lamb from March through to December depending on breed type and record sires , dams , birth dates , birth types and weaning and yearling weights and wool micron for Dohnes. Birth weights are no longer recorded as there is no issue with lamb size and birthing with any of the breeds we work with.I honestly dont have time to walk around the paddock with a bucket and scales!
RE ASBV's...With composite sheep breeding I was finding that breeding values were of little relevance across flocks as there was minimal across flock links .The calculated data is only good if the raw data is supplied for a complete drop of sheep and honest data is submitted .I may re visit this down the track but currently I supply raw data on rams and work with these breeds nearly every day .
K D Sheepstuds is brucellosis accredited free#1141 and MN2 OJD tested.

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