KD Whites

History of KD Shedding Sheep

In September 2000 we purchased our first 2 White Dorper rams. We used them over Merinos and  BL x M ewes. Those 2 rams  produced about 700 lambs over 2 mating’s in their first year.

The resulting progeny showed hardiness, quick growth and high meat yield even as F1’s. Ewe lambs were retained and formed the base of our commercial enterprise.

KD White Dorper stud was established in 2001 with purchase of full blood ewes and importing embryo’s from South Africa.

A stringent selection/cull process resulted in a sound ewe base for the next phase.

KD Whites

Why use K.D. Whites

  • Avoid disappointing wool prices!
    -non shearing/crutching
  • Good feet structure
  • Naturally well muscled
  • High yielding carcasses
  • Minimal external parasites
  • Early maturing
  • Early weaning
  • Drought tolerant
  • Ewes lamb at 12 months old
  • Easy lambing
  • Maternal/Terminal breed
  • 3 lambings in 2 years
  • Ewes mate while lactating
  • Hairy birth coat on lambs
KD Australian White Lamb


In 2011 we began developing a non breed specific shedding bloodline using White Dorper, White Meatmaster and the more shedding type sheep from the Coolalee breed.

The Coolalee is a larger framed breed that had the Wiltshire Horn breed as part of the composition, they were a semi shedder, so it wasn’t hard to advance in 2 generations to a full shedding breed.

Easy lambing is a strong attribute of the Coolalee, the feet structure excellent and are a highly fertile breed that are non seasonal breeders.

Genetics Today

Since 2013 the Australian White has been infused into the KD White ewe base. The AW has added a hair type birth coat for maximizing winter survival and the hoof structure is almost faultless even on progeny with non black hooves.

The KD White ewe base are full early shedders and in early years of using AW rams there was concern over shedding ability but heavy selection pressure has corrected that to the point that we are proud to supply fully shedding (non shorn) rams by mid October.

KD Whites are an open breed and I will maintain that status to avoid genetics becoming “too close” as in straight breeds.

KD Whites