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The Australian White (AW) breed was developed in Australia and has a fast growing following by commercial and hobby farmers that are seeking a shedding breed that can be used in dry and wet climates.They have a sound constitution and full blood stock are a black hooved sheep.

K.D. introduced the AW into our K.D. shedding composite bloodline in 2012. The attributes that the AW has added is exciting to say the least.They have enhanced the sound feet structure and there is an increasing tendency of black hooved progeny that are showing minimal hoof growth that are handling wetter conditions.The growth rate and muscling of AW sired lambs is excellent.There is a distinct placidness that is evident also.They are described as a shedding hair breed vs the shedding wool type of the Dorpers. We purchased an AW ram from Ardene stud in Victoria in 2014 for $5000 and a further 2 rams from Tattykeel AW Stud in 2016 for $4000 and $5000.

Australian White Ewes

I made a decision after I had trialled the AW rams for a few years over K.D. Shedding Composite ewes not to purchase pure AW ewes in large quantities. From previous experience with shedding breeds and trying to source pure stock I felt that it was difficult to purchase top quality ewes during the fast establishment of a new progressive breed.

From 2011 I had been developing the K.D. shedding Composite flock and had set strict criteria regarding constitution and the sheep type .This sheep type was actually very similar to the AW but perhaps without a hair type coat. It has only taken one or two crosses using the AW ram to gain that hair coat and a black hooved progeny when crossing over the K.D. shedding Composite ewe base.

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