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The Red Meatmaster has been in our "meat only "sheep system since 2010 now and has proven what they were designed for. They are prolific breeders and when selling lambs we find that the Red MM progeny are some of the first finished.The black hooves are faultless and the original Red rams (5 years ago) that we bought have never needed anything done to their feet.



In February 2010 I bought 2 Red Meatmaster rams from Genelink at Parilla SA.

They were created from White Dorper and Damara crosses predominately.

I selected fawn coloured rams not the deep reds initially but we get a range of colours in the progeny from red, fawn, black and all mixes of those colours. If I think something is worth investigating I would rather know first hand what results may emerge. Where I purchased the 2 rams from has a "no trimmed feet" policy. (good idea). The shedding seems to be more acute and the muscling and growth very similar to our composite shedders. I have observed also that the 10 meatmaster ewes that I bought have a good lambing % and lamb survivability and are hostile mothers.


For those sheep breeders that have gone down the shedding sheep path, you will be easier to convince that if you have medulated fibre and no/minimal skin value on lambs THEN why would a coloured skin matter.


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